Little Checkers building blocks campaign

Little Checkers

Little Checkers is here — and we at Blockstad are very excited to have our own Mini Checkers store.

Little Checkers is a campaign where Checkers rewards customers with little plastic blocks for each time they shop at their stores. Although they were marketed as being 100% compatible with the leading brick brand (we assume LEGO bricks), they were custom made in China for this campaign.

For each R200 spend, customers will get one block pack to add to their collection. Each block pack comes with assembly instructions and often a sticker or two which are then, together with the starter pack, used to build a complete mini Checkers store. There are 35 block packs in total to collect.

The Little Checkers block packs. There were 35 in total to collect.

To start the collection, customers need to buy the starter kit (costing R80). The starter kit contains a base plate, walls, doors, plenty of stickers and a female shopper figure.

The campaign also included a delivery truck, which, at the time of writing was already sold out at many Checkers stores.

In our experience, the quality of plastic bricks is very decent. Although they don’t exactly feel like LEGO bricks, interlocking is good. It was cute to see that the knobs of some bricks have little smiley faces on them. Some enthusiasts might complain about the number of stickers being used, but I think it adds to the excitement and collection value of the campaign.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of this campaign. One complaint is the amount of plastic used in an already overpolluted world. To counter this, Checkers is putting up Little Checkers recycle bins in their stores for unused bricks and packages to be disposed of.

The brick bags do contain the recycle logo, but we are not sure if it is for the bag itself and/or the plastic bricks. As with all small plastic toys, the plastic bricks also poses a choking hazard and should not be given to babies and toddlers.

Checkers is no newcomer when it comes to collectable campaigns. Last year they launched Little Garden and the previous years they had a series of the hugely successful Little Shop campaigns. According to Checkers, they will continue to bring shoppers ways to keep the little ones occupied and engaged with their brand.

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