LEGO Family Car (set 6633) review

LEGO Family Car (6633)

The LEGO Family Car (set 6633) is a vintage set by LEGO released in 1985. It was released under the LEGOLAND (now Classic) Town theme.


The LEGO Family Car was a set released by LEGO under the LEGOLAND Classic Town theme. This small set is another example of the simplicity of LEGO sets in the 1980s. It was released in 1984 (now discontinued) and contains 38 pieces and one Minifigure.

The original LEGO Family Car (6633) box
The original LEGO Family Car (6633) box

The set includes bricks for building a simple, one-seater family car and, what looks like the dad of the household as a Minifigure. The Family Car is black with a white roof and a yellow and red bonnet and boot.

Other noticeable features include the lack of smooth surfaces, e.g. the lights, roof, bonnet and boot and the use of a vehicle base piece (4212b).

Building the Family Car (6633)

LEGO sets were way simpler in the past and the Family Car is no exception. There is nothing fancy or sleek about the car and by using the original instructions it can be completed in 9 steps.

The original LEGO Family Car (6633) instruction manual
The original LEGO Family Car (6633) instruction manual

The set is intended for ages 6 – 12 years. As mentioned earlier, the Family Car is a small set and basically only consists of a simple car. The front and back windscreens used the same piece.

We have also made our own PDF instructions for the LEGO Shell Tanker Truck using its original vintage pieces. Become a Patron and get the PDF instructions, Blender (.blend) and Studio (.io) files for free.


The Family Car offers plenty of playability as a simple car toy with wheels. Having doors that can open and close and a hinged roof that can be opened and closed (part names vehicle roof 4213 and vehicle roof holder 4315) to allow Minifigures to go in and out of the driving section.

LEGO Family Car 6633 Minifigure
The LEGO Family Car 6633 Minifigure. The torso was designed white with a vertically striped red & blue pattern with blue arms and yellow hands (part 973p01c01). The hair is brown.

The value

As mentioned earlier, the set will make a great toy for kids. Being a discontinued/vintage set, the Family Car is more valuable to LEGO collectors. New sets are very hard to find these days, but BrickLink still offers second-hand sets for sale.

The price around the time of writing this post, a used LEGO Family Car set was around U$D27 (ZAR400).

Related LEGO sets

The early 1980s saw a lot of LEGOLAND Town System-themed sets. They include the Stock Car (6634) and the Weekend Home (6370). The Family Car was also packaged in a Town Value Pack which included the Highway Emergency Van (6653) and the Breakdown Truck (6656).


The Family Car set from LEGO is a small and simplistic vintage LEGO car set from 1985. It was simple to build and offers a lot of playability.

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