LEGO Cave Troll MOC review

LEGO LOTR Cave Troll MOC review

While we were working on our newest project, we came across this awesome Cave Troll inspired by Lord Of The Rings. And it was made from LEGO bricks!

For our first LEGO MOC review, we will be looking at the cave troll made by hopeso 009. The MOC features a few clever custom orc Minifigures, but the real gem I am amazed by is the troll made from LEGO pieces.

When asked on the page about his inspiration, his reply was: “Thanks, for how I come up with this? I think it is because I really like LOFR (LOTR) very much. Secondly, I like to create “brick built monster”. Thirdly I was so impressed by this figure in the movie. Thanks again.”

Although the cave troll that (almost) killed Frodo and the ones fighting amongst the orc armies were impressive, it is difficult to argue that this piece is almost more so. It is a wonderful example of extreme creativity, patience and lots of expertise.

The LEGO cave troll MOC is a combination of complex but cleverly used LEGO pieces. Technic pieces are used to make up various joints, allowing the piece to be almost completely movable. The colours were chosen because it looks better on the troll. Why? “LEGO’s Troll (green and dark tan) looks OK but bad articulation. I want the troll can do at least swing its head, lift up the huge club with BOTH hands
and… and…”

Looking closer, the articulation of the joints were done cleverly, and they all move in different directions!
From the back.

The post shows two basic builds, the Cave Troll and the Armoured Cave Troll. It also includes a basic breakdown of the main area pieces. As the MOC became more popular (rating highly and plenty of comments), hopeso 009 also made some upgrades to the head, making it look a bit more “horrible” (as if that was possible).

I came across this eye-catching cave troll while browsing the internet looking for inspiration for monster builds. What more could one ask for?

hopeso 009 is no stranger to making custom (awesome-looking) figures from LEGO bricks. By looking at his profile on MOCpages, he has been doing it for some time. As said before, he likes his monsters.

hopeso 009 comments that “I don’t mind people to use my design for their further creation, and that is the idea why I post instruction. Only what I hate is that people copy my own photos of creation and claim that as their creation >_<…”, so of course we had to digitalise it.

Using his instructions, the build was tricky but totally doable. We might feature this build in one of our videos someday.

Note that at the time of writing, the MOC was featured on (, but the site was discontinued since then. We hope that hopeso 009 will get in touch to re-link his work.

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