Finding part names in LEGO Digital Designer

Finding part names in LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO® Digital Designer is a great tool for building LEGO brick models. This post will show how to create a digital part list of finished builds in HTML format.


There are various reasons why a parts list might come in very handy. Although it is easy to search for bricks by their names while choosing them in Build mode, one would think that a nice piece of software such as LEGO® Digital Designer (LDD) would make it a little easier to find the names of parts already used in the model itself. This is unfortunately not the case.

31070 Hummer H2 SUT/SUV MOC by Turbo8702
This MOC was made by Turbo8702 who was also kind enough to share it on his Bricksafe account.

Albeit a little more complicated, part lists can be generated in LDD. Bricks can then be identified by going through the parts list, which makes it easier to find them again in the search area. Because not all the brick names are compatible between LDD and the LDraw library (e.g. when using LeoCAD), these names can be used for easier reference to find brick IDs.

The idea is to simply create building instructions using LDD’s built-in functionality. At the end of the complete building instructions, a parts list together with the brick names, quantities and colours will be summarised.

Step 1 – Create a building guide

To create a building guide of the model, enter the building guide mode (View -> Building guide mode (F7)).

LDD enter building guide mode

LEGO Digital Designer will now start to generate a building guide. Be patient –this can take some time.

LDD generating building guide

Apart from being the first step in creating the parts list of a model, the building guide can also be used as a step-by-step digital guide on how to build the model. After it has been generated by LDD, it can be saved with the file.

To toggle between the building guide and the build view, the Building guide mode and Build mode toggle buttons on the top right of the screen can be used. Alternatively, Build mode can be toggled by pressing the F5 key and Building guide mode by pressing the F7 key.

Step 2 – Save the build guide to HTML

While in Building guide mode, LDD gives the option to convert and save the guide as an HTML document. To do this, click on the HTML button on the top left of the screen.

LDD create html folder

LDD will prompt to save an HTML document to a location on your hard drive. Because 1 file and a directory will be created, rather create and save the files in a new, empty directory.

Step 3 – Scroll down to the parts list

After the HTML document has been saved, it will automatically open in the default browser. To open the document in a different browser (Microsoft Edge, for example, doesn’t show the images very well), the first file in the same directory can be used.

LDD HTML instructions

Step-by-step building instructions for the model can be viewed by browsing through the HTML document and can also be printed. To see the full list of parts used, simply move to the end of the HTML document (by pressing the end button).

LEGO Digital Designer parts list


Parts lists are very handy when it comes to building LEGO brick models. They can be generated in LEGO Digital Designer by creating a building guide and then saving it as an HTM file.

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